Tips To Keep Fit During Travel

Tips To Keep Fit During Traveling

Tips To Keep Fit During Traveling

Trying to stay fit while on the go can be quite challenging due to lack of access to a kitchen, health food store, or maybe family and friends want to go out for food and drinks instead of cooking. Which is all completely okay, this is vacation after all. When on vacation we all want to let loose and have fun! But if you are trying to keep in line with a good diet and being fit you need to have that balance between healthy and unhealthy. 

A good way to keep active throughout traveling is stretching. When driving on a road trip get out at frequent stops and stretch or take a brisk walk to keep the blood flowing and muscles stretched. Flying is a little more difficult than driving, you don’t have much room to get up and stretch out on. You can stretch in the isle while on the plane just make sure you’re respectful with people around you, even get up and take a walk to the bathroom if needed. Don't forget to bring macro friendly snacks and stay hydrated throughout the flight!


Here’s a few tips to help while on the road:

1. Schedule your workouts. 

Find a gym close by and get a workout in. Plan ahead what you want to do for that workout. If there isn’t a gym close by, use the one that your hotel has. You can even find a park and try an outdoor workout to get that blood moving. 

2. Balance your meals. 

This is not saying to eat fried and processed food all day, but try to stay healthy and have a cheat day. Try to stick with the healthier foods such as; fruit, vegetables, and protein. 

3. If you’re flying or driving, always carry macro friendly snacks and water. Quest chips, ONE bars, almonds, all of these are good options to help hit your macros.

4. Go on a walk! Get your daily steps in by being outdoors.

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