Workouts for a flat belly

Workouts For A Flat Belly

Workouts For A Flat Belly

 Ab exercises can be very frustrating and obnoxious to do, but if you’re wanting a flat belly, keep reading on. Here's a few workouts for a flat belly that you can do at home. The key on abs is to make sure you’re keeping your core tight while doing your ab exercises so you can feel the burn.  I recommend a yoga mat if you don’t have carpet or a rug in your house.


 Most popular ab exercise is of course a plank. Very easy set up. All you need is your bodyweight. You’re going to start in a plank position. Shift your arms to whatever is most comfortable to you as in forearms or hands. Make sure your head is down so you are aligned correctly with the rest of your body. Hold that position for about a minute or until you feel fatigued. If you are a beginner, I recommend holding a plank for about 10 to 30 seconds to get a feel for it. Planks strengthen your muscles and mostly tighten your core. You can do this exercise 3 times a week, this workout will definitely help for a flat belly.

Hollow hold

An exercise somewhat similar to planks is a hollow hold. Hollow hold is where you will be laying on your back with your arms extended and legs up off the floor. You will hold this position for about 30 seconds to a minute. This is another great exercise that help  strengthen glutes, hips, and of course abdominal muscles. Hollow holds are somewhat more difficult than a plank since you’re using your weight to keep off the floor. 

Side dips

 There’s a couple ways you can do side dips. One way is to lay on your side with your feet stacked together. Lift and hold by propping yourself up using your forearms. Hold for about 30 seconds and return back to your starting position and do a couple reps of it. This exercise is working your abdominal, glutes, back, and shoulders.  

 Another way to do a side dip is by grabbing a dumbbell that you feel comfortable with the weight and standing up straight with that dumbbell in your hand with your hand facing towards your torso. You are going to slowly lower the dumbbell down towards your knee then bring it back up. Repeat on the other hand. Using the weight helps engage your balance and strengthens your mid and lower core. Now, if you don’t own a dumbbell you can always find a heavy object around the house or a gallon of water to use.

Leg raises 

There’s a few ways you can do leg raises. One way is to lay on your back with your legs straight and together then rest your arms by your side or under your back whatever you prefer, this helps to avoid arching your back. Once your comfortably positioned keeping your legs straight, lift them up all the way to the ceiling then return back to starting position. You can always alternate your legs if you want to go the easier route. 

 Another way to do leg raises are hanging leg raises which you will need a doorway pull up bar for your home. You start by dead hanging on the bar trying not to swing. Once you are stiff, lift your knees keeping your legs together to a 90 degree angle and bring them back down to your starting position. 


This exercise is a little funny. You start on your back with your hand behind your head and with your knees up at a 9-degree angle lift your legs up alternating each knee to your chest making sure your elbows are touching your knee. If you’re doing this exercise correctly, you are performing a full core movement. 

Crunch hugs

 The crunch hug is a form of a regular crunch. Start by lying on your back with your arms extended out. Bend your knees up to your torso bringing your arms around your knees making that a complete crunch hug. Return to your starting position but without having your legs touching the ground. This is very effective for your upper core and works the hips. 

Russian twists

Begin by sitting slightly back with your knees bent to a 90-degree angle lifted off the ground just a tad finding your balance point. Proceed to locking your fingers together guiding them to one side keeping your balance and rotate your hands to the other side. You don’t need objects for this exercise but to make it challenging you can use a medicine ball or weighted plate.


 Once you get the hang of it then think of trying out circuit options. How that works is pick out 3 ab exercises you are interested in and do those 3 exercises 4 times 10-12 reps. Circuits are very efficient that are considered a high intensity workout that activates your whole core. There’s a lot more at home workouts than what I provided. Add those into your next workout routine. Aim for twice a week so you’re not overdoing it. Training abs every day can lead to muscle imbalances and not getting the right recovery your muscles need. You can take BCAAs for the proper recovery you need. Check out Fitness Society Supplements website.

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