• Pre Workouts

    We have a large selection of Pre-workout powders. To help you get the best workout possible in the gym.

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  • Non-Stim Pre-workout

    Sensitive to caffeine? This selection is caffeine free and will still help you maximize your blood flow in the gym.

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  • Protein Powders

    Looking to build more muscle? Get a great flavored protein shake. It's a easy and quick way to get more protein in your diet each day

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Who We Are

We are a family-owned & operated supplement store in Melbourne, Florida. Our goal is to carry only top-quality supplement brands while offering the best customer service.

Our Why

We saw a need for more information and quality of supplements in Melbourne. The opportunity was there to share our love for health and fitness and help change lives. So Fitness Society was born.

Supplements Brands

We back brands that stand by their quality. Brands that care more about purpose than profits. Our top brands are Nutrabio, Astro-Flav, Sweat Ethic, and Core Nutritionals.