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Best Beginner Supplement Stack

Best Supplements For Beginners

When you first start in the gym, it may all seem overwhelming between the different exercises, gyms, and workout styles. Then you have the different ways to cook and prep food. Lastly, you have your Beginner supplement stack, which even come in more variety and more ads blowing up your phone on the best weight loss products or pre-workout. Let me make this all very simple for you and break it down into three must-have products to start producing results in the gym.

Whey Protein

 Proteins are the building blocks of the human body. So adding more protein to your daily diet will help increase recovery, fat loss, and muscle gain. Supplementing protein is easy if you find the right one that's quality and easy to digest. There are many flavors to choose from when picking out a protein powder but I recommend sticking to a basic chocolate or vanilla. So how much protein do you need a day to build muscle? It's recommended you have 0.5 - 0.8 Grams Per Pound of Bodyweight. So number one in your supplement beginner's stack is a good quality protein powder.

Creatine Monohydrate Supplement


 Creatine is a great muscle-building product. It also helps you gain weight and improve strength and endurance in the gym. Creatine works by storing in the muscle and converting to ATP which is another form of energy for the body. ATP increases endurance and increases power output. Since you can push more weight and get more repetitions, you will now be able to build more muscle. Initially, you will gain water weight and begin to build more muscle. Creatine is a great product and the recommended dose is 5 grams a day. Some people go up to 10 grams daily, but I recommend testing out 5 grams first. Lastly, be sure you are drinking plenty of water while taking creatine. Creatine should definitely be in your beginner's supplement stack.


Multi-Vitamin Supplement

Multivitamin is the most undervalued supplement. Did you know 95% percent of Americans are deficient in one key vitamin or mineral? This shocked me when I had my blood panel drawn and my electrolytes & mineral levels were tanked. I now supplement the Men's Multi-Sport Multi-Vitamin from Nutrabio and Hydrate’ from Sweat Ethic. I have been feeling much better since then with fewer energy levels and focus swings. So why are they so important? It's because as Americans we eat a lot of empty calories. An empty calorie is a calorie that lacks proper Vitamins and Minerals or in other words, benefits the body. We want to eat less processed foods, Leafy greens, and nutrient-dense foods but that's not always reliable and available in our busy lifestyles so a good Multi-Vitamin is a great way to supplement and fill those gaps. So it's definitely a product you should add to your beginner supplement stack.


Need the Extra Kick?


This is the least important as far as health benefits but something worth covering since we are on the top. If you working long days and having trouble getting in the gym a simple Pre-Workout Powder may help you get moving. Pre-Workout is made up of caffeine and other energy and focus products as well as blood flow ingredients to help push more blood and nutrients into the muscle during exercise. This isn’t a necessity for your first supplement stack but it could definitely help. I good intro pre-workout is Alpha Pre from Alpha Supp's. Below I will Link each product I’d recommend for your supplement stack.



To close this out this supplement stack is safe for both men and women. Of course, always take these products at your own risk and knowledge of your past health history but for most people, this is a great beginner's supplement stack. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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