Personal training studio in melbourne florida

1 on 1 Personal Training

A well-equipped and designed personal training facility with an experienced and knowledgeable  team of trainers to help you reach your goals and accompany you through your journey to be the best version of yourself.

Best online fitness coach

Top Notch Online Coaching

Too far away to be an in-person client? Just need help in the kitchen? We have personalized training programs & meal plans. Check out our online coaching programs to help you reach your goals.

Supplement store near Melbourne Florida

Top Supplement Brands

Top quality brands such as Nutra bio, Astro-Flav, and Sweat Ethic. Brands that put purpose before profits and focus on bettering their supplement formulas each and every day.

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Personal Trainer in Melbourne Florida

Meet the team & Learn our story

A young team of entrepreneurs who loves fitness and want to provide Melbourne, Floridas, fitness community quality supplements, functional personal training, and expert online programs, as well as nutritional meal plans.

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The Fastest Growing Fitness Brand On The Space Coast. Specializing in Sports Supplements, Nutrition, & Personal Training.

  • Customer Comes First

    Supplement not working they way you thought? We will swap it our for you no questions asked.

  • Highest Quality Brands

    We do extensive research and focus on carrying only the best supplements.

  • Have a Question?

    Need advice on how to use your supplements? Or how to take the next step in your fitness journey to reach out today.

  • Growing the Team

    We want our customers to look great and feel great when they join the fitness society family.

  • "I love having a local supplement shop here in Melbourne. I have had excellent service every time I’ve gone into Fitness Society! They are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Love the deals at checkout! Keep it up 💪🏼"

  • "Owners are extremely helpful. I have always gotten my supplements at a local supplement company in Portland, Maine. But it’s nice to find another local place that can get what I would like for supps even if they don’t carry it regularly. This place is gonna be huge."

  • "If you are in the area and looking for supplements, Fitness Society knocks it out of the park!
    The facility is extremely clean and well kept. And the customer service exceeds all expectations, they are extremely knowledgeable on product information as well ready to help with any questions or concerns!"

  • "Just found this place today, and I'm glad I did. They know the products they're selling, and have confidence in them. I will definitely be back for re-supply."

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