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Project AD Shredabull 2.0

Project AD Shredabull 2.0

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    Shredabull Fatburner

    The Project AD Shedabull Fatburner is easily one of the strongest thermogenic products on the market. This is one of our best-selling fat-burning products at the Fitness Society Storefront. Let's break down what's in it then talk about how it enhances your metabolic rate and help you burn more fat.

    Shredabull Fatburner Ingredients

    • Incinerate Blend of 135mgs Containing
      • Gamma Butyrobetaine Ethly Ester HCL
      • Higenamine HCL
      • White Willow Bark Extract
      • Cayenne Extract
      • Yohimbine HCL
    • Neurostim Blend 545 mgs Containing
      • Caffeine 300mgs per cap
      • N-Dimethylphenethylamine 
      • Pea HCL
      • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

    Hows it works?

    Gamma Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester HCL also known as GBB converts to L-Carnitine in the body which helps utilize fatty acids in the body. Greatly known for its thermogenic effects as well as nitric oxide boosting.

    Higenamine HCL helps open up airways as well as increases cardiac output. Very often found in fat burners due to its similarity to ephedrine.

    White willow bark enhances the activity of other supplement ingredients and increases body metabolism which promotes weight loss. Also known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

    Cayenne Extract is one of the oldest and most natural thermogenic. It's straight from the Cayenne Pepper and has always been an excellent fat burner.It also increases the production of digestive fluid, and sends enzymes to the stomach to aid in digestion.

    Yohimbine HCL Studies show it can speed up your metabolism, improve your workout performance, and help you lose stubborn fat. It's even more effective when combined with exercise and other supplements like caffeine and synephrine.

    Fat burners Energy Matrix

    The rest of the formula is stimulant based, 300 mg of caffeine. Eria Jarensis for enhanced focus. L-Tyrosine to smooth it all out and make it manageable energy. Best of all this fat burner is 50 Servings so you'll enjoy it even longer.



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    Sweating like crazy!!

    Awesome fatburner! This will always be my go to from now on!

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