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alvaro valdez

From the age of 4, I have been jumping, running, tumbling, and all the crazy things enthusiastic little kids would do. Ever since watching Sports Science on Sports Center while I was in high school, I became fascinated on how the body is able to move. Since then, the amusement of watching those videos of biomechanics (study of movements in living things), my passion to explore and learn more about it, became my dream. The body is a machine that can be polished to do amazing things. From the age of 12, I started my athlete training which made me exceptionally better than my age group. I was in varsity team my freshman year of High school. That transitioned to transferring to a very successful sports school in Miami, Westminster Christian School, where we won the State Championship in 2015. Meanwhile, also getting the chance to participate in the National Showcase for Perfect Game and Under Armour. I then got a full ride scholarship to Eastern Florida State College where I got First-Team All Conference. Transferred to a DII with a Full Scholarship as well. Lastly, ended up in an NAIA school with a scholarship as well, where I graduated with my bachelors in Sports Science and a minor in Biology. Right away after graduating, I knew I wanted to help young athletes reach their full potential by integrating all the skills, knowledge and preparation that made me the successful athlete I was. Athlete Training is essential to the development of young athletes. Come train with me and see how your motor, cognitive and psychological skills evolve!


trainiing with alvy

Team Training (10+)

For any sports team to cover fundamentals and proper mechanics to optimize usual
movements in their specific sport. This training covers proper warm-up, agility, strength and
cooldown to a larger group that is necessary to withstand a long season.

Group Training (5-10)

A more focused type of training for players with similar skill developments. For example,
being in the same position or working on the same abilities. This training involves deeper and
detailed improvements that will get results on the field.

Teammate Training (2-4)

This training is specialized to the athletes’ needs. All athletes will have drills and
workouts in accordance to their weaknesses plus fortifying their strengths. The training is further
personalized and will add various competitive together with co-operational drills that will enhance the
discipline and teamwork of the athletes.

1 on 1 Training

The most prestigious training for an athlete, due to the amount of detail that is involved
in programming. Workouts, Nutrition, and Progress Tracking are Next Level. The 1 on 1 training
provides workouts from warming up all the way to cooling down. Mobility and Injury Prevention
are incorporated into the workouts with more intention because more time is available. Nutrition
plan is also included to optimize the athlete with maintaining, losing, or gaining weight effectively.