Stim-free vs Stim

Stim-Free VS Stim

Stim-Free VS Stim

What is “stim” you ask? There’s a big difference between stim-free vs stim when taking pre workout. 


Power lifters and gym rats or individuals who enjoy extreme weight training tend to favor these types of supplements. I get it, people get anxiety when using these products or say it feels like ants crawling on them but tingles just increase energy levels. The tingling sensation is harmless, there are two ingredients that lead to tingling: Niacin and beta-alanine. If the dose in beta-alanine is higher than 2g, you will likely feel the sensation. Tingles usually last about 10-15 mins. You will start to feel the sensation around your face, hands, and shoulders. If you start working out and drink tons of water the sensation starts to fade away. Be cautious of how much you take, always read what the serving size and ingredients are before consuming. 

Side effects of stim

Depending on what pre you get, they all vary on side effects and affects people differently. Pre workouts do not have the same ingredients, so always check the supplement facts on the back of the pre workouts. Some people may experience excessive sweating, increased heart rate, jitters, dehydration, acne, etc. Just keep in mind if you’re trying a new pre workout, take a half scoop first to assess your tolerance. 

Getting most out of your pre workout

I know a lot of you tend to go for the flavor, but that’s not the case if you’re trying to get the feel out of it. As long as the pre workout is making you feel like you’re the strongest of them all then it’s working effectively. No pre workout is going to taste the best. Some taste chalky and some pre workouts will clump up due to certain ingredients. It’s a hit or miss but that’s why you should always ask your local supplement store about the best pre workout for you to take. Take a look at some of the pre workouts we carry.



Tips on how to get the most out of pre

Read the ingredients list

Take the correct dose amount before consuming

Stay hydrated

Fuel your body properly with the right nutrients

Be consistent by making a pre workout ritual


Stim-Free is the complete opposite. It’s a supplement that doesn’t contain any stimulants or caffeine. It still improves your strength and overall athletic performance. There’s different stim-free supplements that have different ingredients like Forge by I-Prevail that has a lion's mane that gives off a nootropic focus. The big focus of stim-free vs stim is the majority of what ingredients the supplements contain. Stim-free supplements are called pump products. Some people who workout later in the evening or are sensitive to caffeine prefer a stim-free pre workout, talking to the ones who drink a cup or two of coffee or tend to chug down energy drinks throughout the day. You don’t want to overdo it with caffeine.


Does stim-free pre workout work

 Yes it does, some stim-free pre workouts contain beta alanine, Nitric Oxide booster, amino acids, creatine, lion’s mane, and others. Stim-free pre workout lasts longer than stim. It usually will stay in your system for about 4-6 hours but it does take time to kick in so I recommend taking it 30 mins to an hour for it to boost your performance. Check below the stim-free products we carry.

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