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Best Marathon Running Shoe

Best Marathon Running Shoe

New to running? Looking for a good marathon running shoe? Need some new shoes to go on your hot girl walks in? I have listed below my favorite running shoes as a 3x marathon finisher.

Hoka Mach 5 Shoe

First one my Best Marathon Running Shoes list are Hoka Mach 5: These shoes are 8.20 oz and have a heel-to-toe drop of 5.00 mm. The Mach 5’s are neutral and responsive shoes. These have an even and symmetrical bed of cushioning without feeling like too much. I wore these shoes during my training cycle of the 2022 Marine Corps Marathon. I ran through two pairs of these and used my second pair as my race-day go-to. My only complaints are that they wore out relatively quickly (I averaged 30-55 miles weekly) compared to other shoes, and I have to get a wide size (they don’t have cute colors in the wide). 

Hoka Clifton Shoe

Second on my Best Marathon Running Shoes are Hoka Clifton: These are award-winning shoe, my current daily trainer for my upcoming marathon. It is a neutral, low-weight shoe that is perfect for everyday training. They are 8.7 oz and 5mm heel-to-toe drop. The cliftons have a medium cushion and a neutral stability rating. I don't have any complaints about these shoes other than not providing much of a “speedy” feeling. 

Brooks Glycerin 

Third on my Best Marathon Running Shoes list Brooks Glycerin: These shoes offer a high cushion with neutral support. With a 9.1 oz weight and a drop of 10 mm, these are also one of my go-to daily trainers. I wore these for a full training cycle, plus they were my race day shoe for my first full marathon.
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