3 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press

3 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press

Bench Press

The Barbell Bench Press has always been a big challenge in the gym. Every guy from the first time in the gym is trying to increase their bench press to get ahead of the other guys. First is 135, Then you have the 2 plates at 225, and lastly, if you are top notch 3 plates with an amazing bench press of 315. But what's the average gym goer putting up?


Average Bench Press

It's said the average male could bench 135 pounds. The average male lifter in the gym is said to be able to press 215 pounds. So just under the 2 plate goal, most men have in the gym. So let's talk about how we can increase these numbers. Disclaimer This won't get you the girl of your dreams but it sure will get the attention of the other guys.

#1 Force Reps on Bench press

The force rep is performed with a partner. Not only a partner but a good spotter. You do not want to do this with a bad spotter. You will be loading the bar with more weight than your current PR maybe 20-40 pounds extra. Then you the bencher will un-rack the weight and control it on the way. Then your lifting partner will assist you on the press. This method is made to get your body used to handle more weight. Then after doing this for a few consecutive weeks your old PR should feel pretty good.

#2 Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell Press is a common exercise in the gym. However, most people don't realize that it's building your stabilizer muscles. Stabilizer muscles are all the little muscles and fibers that help the primary movers perform optimally. So building them strong in the shoulders and chest will maximize your bench press for sure.

#3 The Other Bench Press

Don't get stuck just on a flat bench. We need to build the whole chest strong. The incline press and decline press are great for increasing your flat bench. Building a strong upper chest is great for shoulder stability and overall pressing power both forward and above the head. Using the decline press will allow you to start training with heavier weights as well as build a bigger stronger chest.


Just Stuck In The Gym?

Here in Melbourne, Florida we have both a supplement store and a private training studio specializing in online and in-person personal training. If you are really looking to break through a plateau feel free to reach out to one of our coaches and ask for some advice on training or diet. The link will be below to contact a coach. We hope you enjoyed the read and it helped increase your bench press. 



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