Summer Shred Challenge

We all want to feel comfortable in our skin. We all want that confidence when we go out in public wearing our swimsuit/bathing suit, we feel good about ourselves and not insecure. As summer approaches, the concerns of feeling secure and assured creep in. Many of us gain some unwanted weight from end of the year holidays that we would not desire to carry proudly in a rather exposing setting. That may imply we doubt ourselves in wanting to put ourselves in that setting. As a fitness and lifestyle professional that hurts to admit because we should all want to be healthy and comfortable in our bodies. If you are one of these people that want that unwanted weight off in addition to being sure to spend time by the pool and the beach in the summer, this Summer Shred Challenge will grant you an effective and efficient way to prepare yourself for a worry-free and gratifying summertime! 

About the Challenge: A 60 day lifestyle guide to lose body fat and tone muscles Goal: Being able to ditch the Cover-ups/ Feeling empowered and comfortable in your own skin 


  1. No Junk Food 
  2. No Alcohol or Sugary Drinks (Very Limited Exceptions) 
  3. Caloric Deficit 
  4. Maintaining Daily Protein Intake 
  5. Exercising 5 times a week 
  6. 10K steps daily 
  7. Regulated Sleep 
  8. Stay Hydrated

No Junk Foods

Pretty Self-Explanatory! No Fast-Food, No Candy, No Deep-Fried Anything, No Highly Processed Snacks. Everything you consume should be clean and unprocessed, No BS ingredients. 

No Alcohol or Sugary Drinks 

Cut out 95% of calories from drinks. Beer, Seltzers, Hard Liquor, Regular Soda, Concentrated Juices are not allowed. A glass of red wine or a can of diet/zero soda once a week is acceptable. 

Caloric Deficit 

Eat less than you burn. This guarantees your body to lose weight. The goal is to start at a 300 calorie deficit for 30 days. Thereafter, increasing the deficit to 450 calories. The sum amount of the deficit is estimated to burn 6.4 pounds of fat in calories. Knowing the amount of calories you burn is essential for measuring how many calories to consume. At Fitness Society Supplements, we have an InBody machine where the staff can go over your body composition and guide you on general nutrition! 


North Wickham:

Maintain Protein Intake 

It is important to keep the necessary protein intake while on a caloric deficit as some of the calories burned could be taken from protein sources. Keeping your protein intake at 1-1.2 of total body weight will suffice. Another way to calculate would be measuring the sum of your Basal Metabolic Rate plus activity level, 33-40% of the sum should be your total protein in calories per day. 

Exercising 5 times a week 

Following either a Push/Pull/Legs with 2 Cardio Days or a Upper/Lower/Upper/Lower with 1 Cardio day. Following a strength training program is very important to build or keep muscle mass while burning off body fat. Cardio Days are great ways to keep the body active. These days, the focus is to keep a low-moderate intensity in a low resistant machine. Treadmill in regular-fast walking pace, Stairmaster in a 3-6 level pace, Bike or Elliptical in a 70-80 reps per minute (rpm) pace are all particular examples of effective intensity. All these activities are to be done for 30 minutes. Establish time to be able to do physical exercise five times a week. By doing so, your body will require more maintenance. In which sleep and hydration will play a critical part. 

10K steps Daily 

I would highly recommend tracking and document your steps. If you have a device like a Garmin, Apple Watch or anything of that sort that records your steps it will be much easier to see how much you do move around when working, or lack thereof (Office People, talking to you!) 10K steps equals around 5-6 miles a day which in recent studies has proven it is a great staple distance that promotes weight loss and weight management. 

Regulated Sleep 

Sleep is the most impactful way of recovery and growth. Obtaining a healthy, consistent sleeping schedule is the key to muscle growth and modulated metabolism. 7-9 hours of sleep is the recommended standard. Create a sleep cycle that accommodates your daily life and stick with it. Even on rest days, have the same sleep duration. NO SNOOZE! 

Stay Hydrated 

Water is your body's principal chemical component and makes up about 50% to 70% of your body weight. If you want to find out how much water weight you are carrying, stop by for an InBody Scan! Water intake will vary between male and female. Males should be drinking 4 liters(135 liquid oz) of water daily to oblige a healthy, active lifestyle. Females should reach for 3 liters(102 liquid oz) of water! 

This challenge will bring amazing results, not only physically but mentally as well! Let’s get ready for the summer! If you need assistance and even more guidance to achieve this challenge, stop by Fitness Society Studio and book a free consultation. I will personally give you a 2-month deal at an exceptional rate to guarantee your success!

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