Sticking to your New Years goals

Sticking to your New Years Goals

Sticking to your New Years goals

Steps to your goals: 

  I get it, we all get caught up with work, being a parent, school, etc. which makes it hard to stick to your goals. Start by taking baby steps, go to your local gym and get a feel for it or even go take a daily walk. We all start somewhere in our journey. Don’t put yourself in a pickle that's getting a little overwhelming. Walk into it starting off with two days a week as opposed to jumping straight to 7 days a week. You want to excel slowly but surely.

Once you are comfortable with two days a week, that’s when you start to add in more days and longer workouts. It does take time to completely get into a routine and figure out your daily schedule. Trust your guts and go with the flow. Understand the circumstances to build your goal. Here are a few steps you can take:

First week:

  • Two days in the gym.
  • Two days of outdoor activity.
  • One healthy meal a day, plus a protein shake.
  • Half a gallon of water a day.

Second week: 

  • Three days in the gym.
  • Three days of outdoor activity (can be the same as gym days).
  • Two healthy meals, plus a protein shake.
  • ¾ gallon of water a day.

 Third week: 

  • Four days in the gym.
  • Introducing supplements.
  • Four days of outdoor activity (can be the same as gym days).
  • Full, healthy diet.
  • A gallon of water a day.

Don’t change too quickly. You will feel like poop. If you are ready to switch it up, manage to change slowly. 

Writing out your goals:

 You took your baby steps and are now ready to proceed with making a workout plan that fits your goal. Let’s get into it! First, figure out your set goal. Setting your goal depends on what you’re trying to reach. It could be getting toned, bulk up, or cutting down, but as long as you have that mindset to achieve it, then you’re ready to plan it out and reach it. Writing out your goal is beneficial so you can keep track of your progress. You won’t take a week to hit it, and it’s patience. Once you hit your goals, you will feel very accomplished and will inspire a lot of people to start their journey. An example of how to write your goals: 


  1. Set your goals.
  2. Pick a specific timeframe on when to hit it.
  3. Figure out how many calories/macros you need to intake a day.
  4. What supplements to take throughout the process. (Fat burner, BCAAs, Protein, Vitamins, Greens, Joint care, etc.) 


 Don’t feel like you have to be so strict on yourself with your diet unless you signed up to do a bodybuilding show. If a chocolate chip cookie is staring you down, go get yourself a cookie. As long as you’re eating well throughout the day, there is no problem adding a bit of sugar. It’s called balance. Balancing your daily intake is excellent to keep on track. I recommend the FitnessPal app where it calculates your macros. You want to be able to attend special family/ friends events. If you’re wanting to figure out how many macros you want to intake a day, you can go onto the Fitness Society Supplements website linked below where you can input your information to receive your results so you can put it into your FitnessPal app to keep track.


Working with a friend or family member:

 Do you not feel comfortable working out alone or don’t know exactly where to start in your fitness journey? Ask a family member, friend, or even coworkers to join in the challenge so you aren’t missing any days. Having someone joining you motivates you to keep grinding. You will encourage each other to work harder and to stay on track. Even joining a cycle class, yoga or any class is fun to do together. It’s a bonding experience too.


 Nutrition has a big impact towards your fitness journey. With the right nutrition, you will see better results. It takes time to adjust from junk food to healthy meals, that’s when you figure out a balance to your macros. You will see a big difference when you change up your diet. Without carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber you will feel fatigued and unmotivated to do anything. If you’re not getting the right nutrients into your body, there’s also supplements you could be taking such as vitamins and minerals. Especially drinking a lot of water instead of sugary drinks or even cutting out alcohol. 

The right supplements for your New Year goals: 

 Check out your local supplement store near you and ask them what supplementation is beneficial for your fitness needs. They usually have a variety of brands and products in stock for you. If your local supplement store is cool enough, hopefully they have samples in hand ready for you to try before you buy to see if it's the right product for you. It all depends on what your fitness goals are. Supplements ensure you’re getting the right nutrients you need in your daily life. Check out Fitness Society Supplements website in the link below for an example.


Inbody Composition Scan:

 Typically your local gym or supplement store should have an Inbody composition scan that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle mass, bone density, and body fat. There are different kinds of Inbody composition scans out there. They are usually quick and easy and give accurate analysis for your physical fitness levels. Here are the steps when you approach one:

  1. Clean your hands and feet with a wipe. 
  2. Step onto the scan barefoot.
  3. It will immediately weigh you.
  4. When it's done weighing you, you will type in an online ID. Which is any number you will remember so everytime you come back you will use the same number to track your progress. 
  5. You will input your height, age, and gender.
  6. After you’ve imputed your information, it will guide you to making sure your feet are on the consoles and grabbing the arms with your back and arms straight so it can read you properly. 
  7. This takes about 15 seconds to complete.
  8. Once it is completed, your progress report will be printed and a fitness society associate will review your results. 

I do recommend coming back every month to track your progress. Here's an insite on more information on what the Inbody looks like.



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