Kettlebells VS Dumbbells

Kettlebells VS Dumbbells

Kettlebells VS Dumbbells

Dumbbells and kettlebells are two different types of workout equipment that you can use to do various exercises with. 

Kettlebells are a cast-iron ball with a handle attached to the top, all of the weight of the kettlebell is at the bottom within the “bell” shape. You can use one or two kettlebells depending what exercise you decide to do. You can do your workout anywhere; a gym or even at home. Kettlebells are more likely to burn more calories than dumbbells, however they are not the same and are used for specific exercises. Listed below are benefits of kettlebells as well as workouts used with them: 

Benefits to using Kettlebells:

  1. Strengthen your muscles
  2. Better hand grip
  3. Improves your posture
  4. Better cardio workout

Exercises using kettlebells:

  1. Single arm deadlift
  2. Kettlebell swings
  3. Good Mornings
  4. Squats
  5. Lunges
  6. Kettlebell snatch
  7. Alternating hand swings
  8. Renegade row
  9. Thruster
  10. Goblet squat

Dumbbells are another free weight similiar to kettlebells that can elevate your strength. You can use them individually or as a pair depending on the exercise you choose to do. Dumbbells are designed as a single bar in the middle for grip with equal weights on each side. They are made up of 4 materials such as; concrete, plastic, steel, and iron. If you are a beginner to dumbbells, I recommend starting off with 5-10 pounds and going up in weight as necessary. Be careful not to overload yourself with heavy weight, take your time and take it slow. Some benefits of workouts include: 

Benefits of dumbbells:

  1. Activate multiple muscle groups
  2. Improves mobility and flexibility
  3. Gain strength
  4. Increase coordination

Exercises using dumbbells:

  1. Shoulder press
  2. Incline press
  3. Alternating bicep curls
  4. Hammer curls
  5. Lateral raise
  6. Overhead tricep extension
  7. Stiff leg deadlifts
  8. Goblet squats
  9. Bent over rows
  10. Tricep kickback

If you are new to wokring out and wanting to learn how to correctly use kettlebells and dumbbells, check out the link below for one on one personal training.


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