How to get better sleep

How To Sleep Better

How To Sleep Better

It's the big question in the fast pace world we live in today. Too many easy ways to stay up too late. Binging Netflix shows, endless scrolling on social media or just maybe a lot on your mind from work or school. Let's talk about some things that might be affecting your sleep and how we can fix them.

Irregular sleep schedule

The Circadian rhythm is your body's natural clock that decides when you're tired and it's time to go to bed or when its day time and you're ready to wake up. If you're constantly going to bed at different times this natural clock can't figure out when it's day and night. Easy ways to sleep better, Set a bedtime and set the alarm clock. This may take some time at first but once your body syncs up to your new schedule. You will feel better rested in the morning and more atĀ ease falling asleep on time.

Caffeine & Alcohol

These are tough ones for most people. Everyone loves their coffee, energy drinks, and pre-workouts. It's even tougher to kick this if you already aren't sleeping well and feel like you need it to push through the day. Easy fix cut the caffeine earlier in the day. If bedtime is 10' o clock cut the caffeine 6 hours prior to that and even then half your dose is still in your system. Caffeine can be found in the body up to 10 hours after taking it. So that's something to keep in mind when ordering your coffee late in the day.Ā 

Alcohol, how could you possibly relax at night without your drink? How could you go out with your friends and be social? You can still relax with simple and effective supplementation. I personally use these products myself. I'll link them below. Alcohol is something you could introduce back in after your fix your circadian rhythm and see if you're still able to sleep well.

Use Supplements

Magnesium was found to help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, reduced nighttime awakenings, and increased their levels of naturally circulating melatonin.Ā


TheĀ  Sleep dropper will most definitely help you sleep better. The blend of melatonin, GABA, andĀ chromiumĀ allows you to get a great night's rest and wake up feeling refreshed.


Alternative MethodĀ 

Here are a few more things to help you sleep better.

  • Exercise during the day, not too close to bedtime.
  • Dim Screens/Cut out screen time
  • Meditation
  • Reading before bed (a book, not a phone)
  • Deep breathingĀ 
  • Cut out Sugar

We hope we were able to help you find a way to sleep better. Great sleep will change your life. Reach out with any further questions. We are always here to help. Now go get a good night's rest!

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