How Much Does Personal Training Cost

How Much Does Personal Training Cost

How Much Does Personal Training Cost

Personal training varies in cost and style. Depending on your specific needs and schedule. Each and every one of us has a different lifestyle. Each needs different accommodations to help us knock out our fitness goals. Let's jump into the different styles of personal training and the cost variations.

One on One Personal Training (Gym)

Corporate gym setting personal training can be found priced from 27 to 89 dollars a session. For example, the lower end is only 30-minute sessions and the higher end is full 1-hour sessions. The negative to this is how much you can really achieve in a 30-minute session. Are you able to get an effective workout that quickly? If you do take the 30-minute option I would suggest showing up early to do your warm-up and cardio. Use the 30 minutes with your trainer to learn. The other issue we have found was crowded and if your struggling with gym-intimidation or self-confidence issues it might not be the place for you. Some gyms have long binding contracts. So if you end up not liking it you may be stuck paying for the remainder of your unused sessions.

Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training is great if you and your friends want to start their fitness journey together. It's also very affordable ranging from $25-$50 per 30-minute session, $40-$70 per hour session, and $60-$100 per 90-minute session. So if you break this down between you and a few friends sessions could be anywhere from $16 to $30. Affordable training and a fun way to get started in the gym. On the other hand, if you are looking for more direction as well as information this may be a tough learning and fast-moving environment. A great setup for group training that I believe is built very well is the orange theory. I will link the website below so you can check it out yourself.

Couples Training

Couples training is a great way to get into fitness with your significant other. This will definitely challenge your relationship and help you develop a strong relationship between the two of you. As a result, it will help you and your partner keep each other accountable. For pricing for a couple's personal training, most trainers will charge full price for one person and a percent off for the other. Fitness Society Studios in Melbourne, Florida they offer 50% off the significant other. If this is something you and your significant other are interested in you and local to Melbourne click the link below and schedule your free consult. So how much does personal training cost you'll have to fill out your application and find out!


Private One on One Personal Training

One on One private personal training is where you will get the most exclusive experience. Typically these are in a studio-type gym and it will be you and your coach for your training sessions. So if you feel self-conscious going to a big box gym this might be the place for you. You will receive a high-end training session due to the exclusivity and lack of distractions. It also makes for a great learning environment. These are also great places to really get to know your trainer and build a great relationship. So how much does personal training cost in a private studio? We have found it cost anywhere from $60-100 per session. Depending on the package you receive and the frequency with you train with your coach. 

At Fitness Society Studio they offer Meal Plans, in Studio Training. As well as a workout program for home or at other gyms you may go to. All are bundled into your training rate. If that's something that you'd be interested in following the link below.


Sports Specific Training

Sports Specific Training is going to be specific to the sport you play. All sports have off-season camps, training and coaches you can attend. Depending on the level of the coach or duration of the training cost varies. Once again in a group setting you'll find prices are much cheaper than if you go with private lessons. You can often find these coaches and programs asking around your community. Your coach should have a good idea of great camps and off-session training to attend. How much does sports-specific training cost? We have found that it cost anywhere from $20-50 in a group setting to $50 to $150 for private lessons. Our favorite sports performance coach is Nick over at XV XIII here in Melbourne, Florida. Here's the link below to his Instagram.


Online Life Style Coaching

This is the best type of training if you have a busy lifestyle and have trouble scheduling times to meet daily or weekly. How online lifestyle coaching works is you'll reach out and do your consultation. Once your coach learns about your habits and goals they will then devise a plan just for you and your busy lifestyle. They will make a meal plan and training program that fits your specific needs. Then you can take this and make it work in your busy schedule. We also offer this at Fitness Society  I'll add the link below if you'd like to talk with one of our certified trainers.


Online Contest Prep Coaching

If your looking to get into a bodybuilding show or a bikini contest this is the coach for you. These coaches specialize in dieting the body down to peak conditioning for the stage. This is definitely another specific coaching style that takes a lot of knowledge and experience. So make sure you choose the right one. The cost of this training ranges from 150-250 dollars a month on average from my findings. I will link below our favorite bodybuilding team of coaches.


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