Gym Etiquette 101

Gym Etiquette 101

Gym Etiquette 101

The gym was once a place for big, burley men to go lift weights and build muscle. A major ego fest of all the local bodybuilders striving to lift the most weight possible while grunting, sweating and challenging all the other men in the gym in a big competition to build the most muscle and lift the most weight. But times have changed, and everyone is getting on the fitness train, so lets think of everyone when you in the gym. Let's discuss a few ways to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable in the gym by improving our gym etiquette.



Flexing in the gym


We all love to check our progress in the mirror, especially when we have a great workout and are pumped up in the gym. If you want to limit yourself, make it quick or do it in the bathroom away from other members. Dont take up space on the dumbbell rack or a whole squat rack just to flex in the mirror. Flexing in the mirror could make new members very uncomfortable. So make it quick and keep the flexing to a minimal for the best gym etiquette.



Re-Rack Your Weights 


Easily one of the most annoying things in the gym is when you can find a set of dumbbells or something you need for a exercise. Its also unfair to the gym employees to have to clean up after you. This isnt your house, its everyones gym, so share the space fairly and put your weights and equpiment back in the right location. This is a huge part of gym etiquette.


Wipe Down Equipment For Good Etiquette


No one wants to use your sweaty machine. There are cleaning stations all arond most gyms these days. Take the extra minute to clean off your equipment. Cleaning your equipment makes the gym community a cleaner, healthier place. Improving your gym etiquette improves your overall gym community. If your gym doesnt have a cleaning station, bring your towel.



Recording In The Gym Can Be Bad Etiquette

Some people are very uncomfortable around cameras and being recorded. Others like to record every single exercise they do in the gym. Just be mindful of your surroundings when vlogging in the gym. If your camera stand is in the walk way move it. If the gym is busy and your recording every movement,, save the recording for another day. The gym is for everyone to get their workout in, so be mindful of everyone. Gym Etiquette is key to a good gym environment for everyone.

Private Training

If you dont want to worry about all this in a public gym you can always check out a pricate training studio. If your in Melbourne,Florida check out the Fitness Society Training Studio. A totally private one on one experience with your coach.

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