Easy Home Workouts

Easy Home Workouts

Easy Home Workout 

Want to create your own home workout but don't know where to start? It honestly doesn’t take much to make your own home workout. It really depends on what your goal is. You’ll need some space and the right equipment or if you don't have any workout equipment you can do bodyweight exercises. You can always find products around your house to make it beneficial for your workout too.

Always get your workout in

 The fitness industry is growing rapidly and I know we all get caught up with working late, gyms being excessively packed, or especially parents with kids that don't go to school which is why doing an easy at-home workout is very beneficial. Switching from a gym to home workouts is a big change that will take time to get used to. You will need to:

  • Set a schedule for at least 30-40 minutes a day to work out.
  • Set a specific goal you want to hit.
  • Pick 6-8 exercises in a row with or without equipment. 
  • Make sure to pick exercises that include lower, upper, and core.
  • Repeat each exercise 3 times 8-10 reps with 30-second breaks in between. 


 If you want to get creative with your workouts, don’t be afraid to try new movements or any accessory work. Your at-home workout doesn't always have to be inside. Take your laptop or phone outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air while you're working out. In addition, sunshine enhances your mood. There is not an exact way to set up your at-home workout. You have to be creative and have fun with it. 


Recover your muscles

 Make sure to take a day or two off from working out to recover your muscles. It is very important to put rest days into your workout program. Rest days help prevent injuries and repair your muscles. If you’re a bodybuilder, do any sports or any fitness activities you should always consider taking rest days or having an active recovery day such as, walking, jogging, stretching, or even swimming. Just to keep your body somewhat moving.


Having trouble designing a workout

Reach out to our certified personal trainers to help you set up a personalized home workout for you as well as a customized meal plan. Our coaches handle all types of clientele and are ready to help you crush your goals. Click the link below to connect with our trainer today.



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