Best Gym In Melbourne

Best Gym In Melbourne

Best Gym In Melbourne
 The best gym in Melbourne for you depends on so many factors. What's your style of training? Where in Melbourne are you located? How far are you willing to drive? Are you new to the gym or experienced in a specific type of exercise you prefer? We will consider all these factors when helping you find the best gym in Melbourne. So let's get into it.
Melbournes Beach Bodies Health & Fitness Gym
 Beach Bodies is a special gym. Gyms like this are hard to find anymore. Beach Bodies has a very vintage feel being a more old-school iron gym. For fans of classic bodybuilding and the golden era, this will be a great gym for you. This is also one of the only gyms beachside so if you live in Indialantic, Florida this is most likely the most ideal spot for you. The gym was recently bought by new owners with plans of renovations and bringing the gym up to speed. They also have a private back room for powerlifting and other accessory training as well as many classes scheduled on their website I’ll link below. Could this be the best gym in Melbourne for you?
Club 4 Fitness Gym
Club4 Fitness is the newest gym in Melbourne with a very central location. It’s Located just off 192 on Babcock St. It is very clean and very well-kept. They offer many different classes as well as saunas, red light therapy, and massage chairs. It’s also conveniently located just a mile from everyone's favorite supplement & vitamin store Fitness Society but we might be biased. The best times to go are morning & midday if you want the gym to yourself. If you do go around the 6 o'clock hour the gym does get very packed due to its size, however, they do a great job maintaining the gym and keeping everything moving. They also have a great personal training staff. The link below has all the gym's contact info as well as a 3-day guest pass to the Melbourne, Florida location. Could this be the best gym in Melbourne for you?
Crunch Fitness Gym in West Melbourne
Believe it or not, Melbourne has one of the biggest crunch fitness ever, If not the biggest. Crunch Fitness seems to be the hub for Health and fitness growth in Melbourne. This gym took over the old toys R us building so you can imagine the size if you haven't been. The gym has a super uplifting environment & a huge personal training staff. This gym is very versatile with all the space they have. They have an awesome turf area that stretches nearly the entire length of the gym. The gym stays generally pretty clean and kept up. However, if you happen to go at 6 o'clock good luck finding parking, at this hour the gym is absolutely nuts but some of us thrive in these busy hours with more people to motivate us to train harder and grow further in our fitness journey. Below I’ll attach the crunch website. Could this be the best gym in Melbourne for you?
 But what about cross-fit gyms?
There are plenty of Crossfit gyms in Melbourne as well with incredible communities around them. These welcome anyone from experts to beginners and we are going to talk about a few on each side of Melbourne so depending on where you are located they shouldn’t be too far. Crossfit isn't for the faint-hearted so if you are looking for one good for you keep training hard. Let’s get into it!
Crossfit Palm Bay Gym
Crossfit Palmbay is an awesome locally owned spot. So if you are located in south Brevard this will be a great spot for you. Just off Highway 95, it is pretty easy to get to the gym. Over the last 2 year since the new owners have taken it over they have been producing amazing results and the gym and community seems to always be growing. They offer a wide variety of classes from regular CrossFit to CrossFit for teens and even kids. Check out one of their boot camps if you want to break a sweat and reach new goals in your fitness journey. The fun environment and welcoming staff have always been a big win for us. We have done many events with Crossfit Palm Bay and love to see the team grow. I'll attach the website below so you can check it out for yourself self and maybe it will be your new gym here in Melbourne.

Maverick Crossfit Gym
CrossFit Maverick is a CrossFit gym in Melbourne, Florida, Located just off Wickham road north of 192. Maverick has been helping people reach their fitness goals since 2010. They are a community of people who share a fitness journey and a love for fitness. Every CrossFit class is different, but you can expect a challenging workout that will push you to your limits. Their classes start with a warm-up, followed by a skill of the day, and then the main workout. The main workout is typically a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio. 
 They also have a strong focus on community and support, so you can be sure that you will always have someone to cheer you on and help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, they have a workout for you. Their coaches are highly experienced and certified and will work with you to scale the workouts to your individual fitness level. If you are looking for a CrossFit gym that will help you reach your fitness goals and become a better version of yourself, then CrossFit Maverick is the place for you. 
Come try a class today and see what you're missing! I'll attach the website below so you can see if this is the gym for you in Melbourne.
Elite Fitness Palm Bay
Elite Fitness is one of the only privately owned gyms I know of in Palm Bay. So if you are way south Palm bay on Malabar this would be a great gym for you. Small in size compared to a big box gym but everything you need and more! I believe they even have an outside area where you can train and get some sun, which is a big win for me. The Elite Fitness gym has a great variety in equipment and a great environment. If you are into a more old-school feeling gym this would be the gym for you. Here is the website below so you can see for yourself.
Crunch Fitness Gym North Wickham
We are back to Crunch Fitness but the second location is on the other side of Melbourne. So if you live in Rockledge or Viera this would be the closest Crunch Fitness to you. Once again a similar style to the first crunch location slightly smaller but all the same great amenities. Great staff and a great environment but once again if you try going here at 6 o’clock good luck finding a parking spot. Overall great gym, great people, and even good equipment. So check them out if you are in the North Wickham Road area. Here is the website to make it easier to find them.
On the Edge Rock Climbing
Need a mix-up from the same old gym routine? On the edge rock climbing is exactly that and will challenge you beyond belief. Honestly, when I first saw indoor rock climbing I thought it looked funny and thought maybe it was for kids. BOY was I wrong! We got the whole Fitness Society Team going at one point. It is not only rock climbing they also have a gym! I’ve been going on and off for the last year. Climbing tests your endurance, strength, flexibility, and fear.  On the edge rock climbing also has an awesome community of supportive people who will help you complete tough climbs and root for you when you're getting stuck. I would highly recommend trying this gym out to mix up your gym routine. It will challenge you more than you know. Once again located just off Wickham Road here in Melbourne. Here is the website below.
Fitness Society  Private Training Studio
So you’ve tried going to the gym and it's just too much, too many pieces of equipment, too many people, too loud and uncertain on the personal trainers. We understand that feeling in the gym can be very overwhelming your first time. So our solution is Fitness Society Training Studio a 1 on 1 private experience where it’s just you and your trainer. A safe place where you can explain your goals to your trainer, use the in-body scan, and get a clear idea of the direction you need to go to reach those goals. Then train in private with no interruptions, no loud music, and a clear path to reach your goals. If you have an questions ill link the forum below and you can feel free to ask any questions.


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