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Benefits of Active Recovery

Benefits of active recovery 

Are you having muscle soreness? This is where active recovery comes in. Active recovery restores muscles after an intense workout. Active recovery is like a rest day, but with slight mobility to keep your body moving rather than sitting on the couch binge watching your favorite netflix series. I get it we all get carried away with our priorities but we physically and mentally need to take the time to have the proper recovery that our body needs. 

When should I recover? 

 You should keep a day or two open in your workout program for an active recovery day to let your muscles repair. Despite what day, your body needs that extra boost like taking BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acid) to repair your muscles. Especially after an intense workout, you’re probably going to feel drained and sore. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with even taking a few days off. Always listen to your body, your body is never wrong and you don’t want to overdo it. If you're interested in BCAA's we have a good variety on the Fitness Society website.


Tips for active recovery 

  1. Walking 

Walking is such an easy and calming way to recover. It’s great cardio that elevates your heart rate and breaks a sweat.. You can go walk in a nice park or even walk a bridge to see a beautiful sunrise/sunset. 

  • Swimming

Grab your goggles. Swimming can not only strengthen muscles, but it is a great aerobic exercise that is gentle on your joints. It can be very relaxing, especially on a sunny day. Who doesn’t like to swim? 

  1. Stretching 

Stretching is a great way to improve your performance and mobility in physical activities. It helps keep the muscles strong and healthy. It also helps delay your reduced mobility that will come with aging AND prevent injuries. Hey, down the road you could probably do a split. There's great places to learn more about stretching such as Flexx Viera here in Florida.

  • Biking

Not into running or jogging? Grab your bike or even attend a 40 minute cycling class and pedal away. Cycling helps build strength in your lower body, burn calories, increase balance, and etc.  

There’s so many benefits of active recovery. You just need to learn to manage your time to fit it in your daily schedule. 

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