Astro-Flav Pre-Workout

Astro-Flav Pre-Workout

Astro-Flav Pre-Workout

Pre-workout in most cases is very similar. They often have a bunch of caffeine, beta-alanine and some ingredients for blood flow. Astro-Flav Pre-Workout once again comes out with a product that stands out and puts a new twist on pre-workout. Not only with one ingredient but multiple. Astroflav as a company is always striving to release the most innovative and user-friendly products. Let's jump into AstroFlav's newest pre-workout One Scoop Only.

                          Astro-Flav One Scoop Only Pre-Workout

The One Scoop Pre-Workout from Astroflav has a 22-gram scoop and 25 servings. Comes out to a 1.99 a serving. A dollar cheaper than buying your daily energy drink, and 2 dollars cheaper than the pre-made pre-workout at your gym. Right there it's a good buy for the wallet. My personal review of this product is even though it is a 375mg scoop of caffeine it still feels like a good mid-stim pre-workout and comes with great focus and long-lasting energy. The blood flow and pump are top notch but for me, it’s the long-lasting energy and endurance in the gym. Also, the pre-workout flavor is great, mixes well, and goes down smoothly. If you get a chance to try the new Astro-Flav fruit snack flavor definitely grab one!

Astro-Flav One Scoop Only Ingredients

Best Pre-Workout for the gym

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