Essentials For Losing Weight

5 Essentials For Losing Weight

5 Essentials For Losing Weight


 Want to lose weight, but are not sure on where you should start? Losing weight can be quite frustrating and difficult but with the right supplemental approach, it can be easier than you lead yourself to believe. Taking these basic steps will help to aid in the success of your goals. 


Let’s talk about these steps;  

  • Make a plan to fit in your daily routine.
  • Find your target goal that you want to reach.
  • Research your nutrition value.
  • Find the right supplements.
  • Execute.

 Making a plan for losing weight

   The first vital step on your weight loss journey is to figure out when you want to start, do you want a trainer?, how long the process will take and what you're willing to do to get there.  We know holidays get in the way of weight loss but no one loses weight the same way. Especially if you and someone else are the same weight and height. To start, eat what's right for your body and stay hydrated. Calorie deficit is the key to weight loss. 

Losing weight and setting goals

    Having a set weight you want to reach in a specific time frame will help you be able to propose an efficient nutritional plan and workout routine. Everyone has different set goals they want to hit as to wanting to fit back into clothes that fit better to look a certain way. Be very specific on your goals, keep track of your progress throughout the journey, stay motivated, and set a target date to hit your goal. Losing weight does take time, you can't lose 10 pounds in a week. Be patient and trust the process.


How to research your nutritional values

    This is the biggest part of losing weight. Finding the right balance of macros, as in protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. These four combinations are very important in your daily life. People who are trying to lose weight always assume that you have to stop eating to lose weight but that’s not the case, your body needs the proper nutrients in order to reach your goals. In order to find out how many calories you should intake a day, you can manually calculate by using your body weight and multiply it by 15 to get your calorie deficit. Keep in mind with dieting, you should avoid certain foods such as sugar, alcohol, high calorie drinks, and etc. It does get challenging when you cut out certain foods but it does make a big impact. 


The right thermogenic for losing weight

     If you have a local supplement store near you, check out their products to see if they have any fat burners or thermogenics that are the right fit for you. There’s many effective fat burners out there that will support your dream body such as Shreddabull by Project AD, Drip by Astroflav, Top Burn by AP Regimen, and more. The most effective ingredients in fat burners are mostly Caffeine Anhydrous, Niacin, Yohimbine HCI, Bioperine, and other good stuff. Each ingredient does work differently. Taking a fat burner is simple, they make capsules or powder. I recommend taking a fat burner within 15-30 mins before your workout. You won't see results in the first week or two, give it about 3-4 weeks to start seeing significant weight loss. 




    Don’t be one of those people who start their goals for the new year and only work towards their goal for the first 3 months and then end up giving up. If you’re feeling unmotivated, come up with a game plan that drives your attention. Yes, it might be mentally challenging but once you lose weight you feel very successful and influential. You can do it!

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