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Yolo Dark Side

Yolo Dark Side

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Yolo Pre Workout

You know a pre-workout named Yolo has to be amazing. Hypo Supps never disappoints and this Yolo Dark Side in Purple Punch or Blue Bomb is the next kick you need before your next workout routine to increase your pumps and get the best gains. Yolo won’t give you a crash afterword which all fitness enthusiasts will appreciate.

Does Yolo dark side have DMHA?

Yolo Darkside does contain 100mg of DMHA per serving in this ingredient packed pre workout. 

How to use yolo Pre-Workout

YOLO Dark Side is recommended to be mixed in 6-8 ounces of water; for best results, follow the directions. We never recommend dry scooping pre-workout. It can cause serious health issues.

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