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Astroflav Drip Fat Burner Rocket Pop

Astroflav Drip Fat Burner Rocket Pop

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If you are serious about changing your physique, then Dripā„¢ can help you reach your goal. Using key ingredients backed by scientific studies, Dripā„¢ formula will deliver amazing results.Ā Both men and women can use DripĀ® for optimal fat burning effects. We recommend stacking DripĀ® with TempoĀ® for the most efficient fat burning program!

  • No caffeine or any stimulants!
  • Transparent formula containing thermogenic ingredients!
  • Thermogenic ingredients help burn calories much faster!
  • ā€˜Speeding upā€™ the bodyā€™s metabolism increasing the calories burned during a resting or active state!
  • Decrease in hunger, which helps to reduce the urge to snack!
  • Two types of L-carnitine, Paradoxineā„¢ & GBB!

Give yourself an edge in the fight against fat loss with DripĀ®! Our non-stimulant formulation is for the person not looking to over-stimulate themselves. Since DripĀ® is stim-free, you can stack it with your favorite stimulated pre-workout or fat burner!

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