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AP Fat Burner

AP Fat Burner

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AP Top Burn Extreme Fat burner

AP Top Burn Extreme Fat burner is made for those who want to shred fat and build muscle. AP Top Burn Extreme is a powerful stimulant intended to produce a superior thermogenic experience.

Getting shredded includes many challenges. Including trying to lose fat without dropping muscle and building muscle without packing on too much fat. This supplement is intended to enhance your cutting routine, to achieving your optimal body composition a little easier.

As part of a healthy regime, Top Burn Thermal may give you more energy to help you push yourself a little farther in the gym. It also includes a combination of ingredients to increase your metabolism, allowing you to safely burn fat without sacrificing your recent muscle gains. So whats in this AP Fat Burner.

Whats in it?

  • 3,6 diido-L thyronine
  • Pro-GBB
  • Calori-burn
  • CapsiAstra
  • 300mgs of Caffeine

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